Ulrike Johannsen

Ulrike Johannsen is from Vienna and our resident artist under the Open Residency Program for August 2018. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and have been actively creating and exhibiting works as well as receiving awards, grants and residencies all over the world. Ulrike is currently teaching in KunstModeDesign Herbststrasse and was a guest teacher and artist in several schools around the world.

In my installations, objects and paper works I question the promises of happiness and tempting offerings of our consumer oriented lifestyle. Quoting, processing and manipulating the language of our popular media and culture industry, I try to make the gap visible between our needs and desires and the seduction of consumer-capitalist promises. I am interested in how the collective construction of society and culture functions and how we negotiate and communicate these different perceptions.

Ulrike’s current work is a series of sculptures and small installations which are dealing with Love and Erotics in times of capitalism. Eva Illouz’s notion of sexual capital understandable as part of the economical capital as well as Pierre Bourdieu’s notion of Habitus and Byung Chul Han’s considerations about the idea of beauty do inform her work.

Ulrike runs her own art space called Clubclub and you can check out her website and instagram to learn more about her and her work.