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  • Dancing in Place 2018

    Dancing in Place 2018

    3-5:30pm, 13-14 January 2018, Dancing in Place features 10 short dance works performed outdoors in the tranquil tropical garden at Rimbun Dahan.... Read More »
  • Dessy TAB

    Dessy TAB

    Dessy Tri Anandani Bambang or Dessy TAB (b. 1984) is an Indonesian animator born in Brest, France. She  started her carreer as animator by participating in animation challenges during her college days at Bandung Institute of Technology. She has won... Read More »
  • Job Opportunity: Part-Time Arts Manager

    Job Opportunity: Part-Time Arts Manager

    We are looking for a part time Arts Manager starting February 2018 to coordinate the residency, arts, performance and outreach programs at Rimbun Dahan to ensure a lively and active series of residencies and events throughout the year.... Read More »
  • Carlos Carvalho

    Carlos Carvalho

    Originally from Brazil, in the last three years Carlos Carvalho has been living in Asia, first India, now in Indonesia. Using crafts techniques and everyday materials, like textiles (mostly felt), paper, cardboard and paint, he builds topographies. Those topographies are... Read More »
  • Material, Order & Chance by Zulkifli Lee, Rimbun Dahan Residency Exhibition 2017

    Material, Order & Chance by Zulkifli Lee, Rimbun Dahan Residency Exhibition 2017

    Rimbun Dahan presents Material, Order & Chance, a solo exhibition by Rimbun Dahan Yearlong Resident Artist 2017, Zulkifli Lee. In the well-trod tradition of past resident artists, Zulkifli has taken inspiration from the natural and built environments of Rimbun Dahan... Read More »
  • Call for Applications: SEA Choreolab 2018

    Call for Applications: SEA Choreolab 2018

    We invite emerging contemporary dance choreographers to apply for this international facilitated choreographic laboratory at Rimbun Dahan, 23 June to 1 July 2018. Due date for applications: 30 November 2017. In partnership with Goethe-Institut.... Read More »
  • Morganne Mazeika and Zach Khoo

    Morganne Mazeika and Zach Khoo

    apparatus dance collective, consisting of dancer-choreographers Morganne Mazeika and Zach Khoo are currently at Rimbun Dahan developing a new work called “discussions with”. The intention with the residency is to explore human interaction through a physical means of communication. Their... Read More »
  • Open Studio: Dhiyanah Hassan, Flor Alba, Morganne Mazeika, Zachary Khoo and Zulkifli Lee

    Open Studio: Dhiyanah Hassan, Flor Alba, Morganne Mazeika, Zachary Khoo and Zulkifli Lee

    On 3 September 2017, Rimbun Dahan opened our grounds and the studios of our current resident artists to the general public. The artists featured were Dhiyanah Hassan (Malaysia), Flor Alba (Switzerland) and Zulkifli Lee (Malaysia), Zachary Khoo (Msia/USA) and Morganne... Read More »
  • Open Call: Southeast Asian Arts Residency 2018 [CLOSED]

    Open Call: Southeast Asian Arts Residency 2018 [CLOSED]

    Applications are CLOSED for Rimbun Dahan’s Southeast Asian Arts Residency for 2018. We are currently reviewing the applications and will endeavor to be in touch with all applicants by mid-October. One of our leading commitments is investing in emerging/developing artistic talents... Read More »
  • Open Call: Yearlong Residency for Malaysian Visual Artists 2018 [CLOSED]

    Open Call: Yearlong Residency for Malaysian Visual Artists 2018 [CLOSED]

    Applications for this residency are now CLOSED. We are currently reviewing the applications and will endeavor to be in touch with all applicants by mid-October. Rimbun Dahan has hosted year-long residencies for more than 20 years, and have seen Malaysian artists use their... Read More »
  • Christopher Strong

    Christopher Strong

    During my residency I will continue my recent practice of finding small instances of beauty in every day life and magnifying it. By limiting my focus to a tiny space, I can find shapes, forms and colours that always around... Read More »
  • One Day Installation of Works by Haffendi Anuar and Veronika Neukirch

    One Day Installation of Works by Haffendi Anuar and Veronika Neukirch

    At the end of their four month residency in May 2017, Haffendi Anuar and Veronika Neukirch briefly displayed their individual works and collaborative work in the airwell of our underground gallery. The play of different materials, dimensions, and angles made... Read More »
  • Flor Alba

    Flor Alba

    Mirage catcher, graduate of Geneva School of Art and Design/Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design (HEAD) in 2012, Flor Alba draws and paints according to her aesthetic inclinations and contemplative imagination. Zig-zag wanderings. Surveying the contradictions of beauty, she feels... Read More »
  • Dhiyanah Hassan

    Dhiyanah Hassan

    Dhiyanah Hassan (b. 1989) is a full-time artist and writer whose works seek to map out the terrains between memory and healing. She explores how art, poetry, and storytelling are used to reclaim a sense of selfhood in the aftermath... Read More »
  • Jeannette and Michel Lambert

    Jeannette and Michel Lambert

    Michel Lambert is an accomplished jazz drummer, composer and visual artist. He is currently working on a series of visual scores, collages and drawings combined with music that will eventually be performed by improvising musicians as well as classical trios.... Read More »
  • Jel Suarez

    Jel Suarez

    Jel Suarez (b. 1990) is a visual artist born and based in Manila, Philippines. Her craft is centered on the practice of collage, in which mostly old master works of art and past exhibitions – sourced from old books and... Read More »
  • Stephen Eastaugh

    Stephen Eastaugh

    Stephen Eastaugh is a mixed media visual artist with severe wanderlust as over the past few decades, he has traveled to over ninety countries scattered across all continents. While on the road he has managed to present over one hundred... Read More »
  • Citra Pratiwi

    Citra Pratiwi

    Citra Pratiwi (b. 1981 in Pati, Indonesia) works intensely between body, story, movement and  expression — presented in her works in dance and theater. She’s a founder of Migrating Troop Performing Art Network, a hub for artists who want to... Read More »
  • Dancing in Place 2017

    Dancing in Place 2017

    A weekend of 12 short contemporary dance works performed in the gardens at Rimbun Dahan, 18-19 March 2017, produced by Joelle Jacinto and Leng Poh Gee for MyDance Alliance.... Read More »
  • Kelvin Atmadibrata

    Kelvin Atmadibrata

    Kelvin Atmadibrata (b.1988, Jakarta, Indonesia) recruits superpowers awakened by puberty and adolescent fantasy to assemble formidable armies of outlaws. Equipped by shōnen characters and macho ero-kawaii, his antiheroes contest the masculine and erotic in Southeast Asia. He works primarily through... Read More »
  • Sabine Reindel

    Sabine Reindel

    Sabine Reindel is a German-born fine art painter, whose work concentrates on cityscapes. During her six-weeks residency at Rimbun Dahan she will continue her series of cityscapes she has started to create while she was practicing law as an attorney... Read More »
  • Elise Luong

    Elise Luong

    Elise Luong is an Australian-born artists’ manager who has spent the last ten years working extensively within a diverse number of contemporary art platforms. Bilingual in English and French, her work includes the project management, development and curation of wildly... Read More »
  • Laura Skocek

    Laura Skocek

    Laura Skocek is an artist with a focus on sculpture, installation art, smart materials, and video & animation. She is based in Vienna, and will be in residence at Rimbun Dahan for the month of February. For more information on... Read More »
  • Richard Orjis

    Richard Orjis

    Richard Orjis is a multimedia artist based in New Zealand, as well as a PhD student from the Auckland University of Technology. He will be at Rimbun Dahan for a three month residency from February to April thanks to a... Read More »
  • Haffendi Anuar

    Haffendi Anuar

    Haffendi Anuar (b. 1985, Malaysia) is an artist based in Kuala Lumpur. He works with a variety of media and disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. He did his International Baccalaureate certificate in fine art at the International School of... Read More »
  • Veronika Neukirch

    Veronika Neukirch

    Veronika Neukirch is a German artist born in 1986 in Duesseldorf. She completed her Art & Design Foundation in 2010 and graduated with a BA (Honours) Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2013. She has been based in Kuala... Read More »
  • Carol Brown

    Carol Brown

    I am an inter-disciplinary choreographer working in sustained collaborations with artists and experts from other fields. My research-led practice attends to the creative potentials in working between the cracks; between histories, temporalities and disciplines. Nourished by creative collaborations that explore... Read More »
  • Laura Wills

    Laura Wills

    Laura Wills is an Adelaide based visual artist. She has a multidisciplinary practice and a strong interest in using found materials, collaboration and basing projects on social/ environmental themes. She is represented by Hill Smith Gallery Adelaide. She will be... Read More »
  • Zulkifli Lee

    Zulkifli Lee

    Zulkifli Lee’s creative practice explores the relationship of personalised and impersonalised forms as well as the language of materials. His motifs usually involve very systematic and rhythmic geometric patterns, but rather than striving for total control, he embraces change and... Read More »
  • Audrey Tan

    Audrey Tan

    Now that I have begun my one-month residency at Rimbun Dahan, the quietness, seclusion and darkness at night is a complete contrast to living in the hustle and bustle of Singapore. Being a distance away from the city and its... Read More »
  • Everlasting Love by Azliza Ayob, Rimbun Dahan Residency Exhibition 2016

    Everlasting Love by Azliza Ayob, Rimbun Dahan Residency Exhibition 2016

    Rimbun Dahan presents Everlasting Love, a showcase of recent works made by Malaysian artist Azliza Ayob who, in her 16 year career, has worked in many mediums such as collage, painting, sculpture, and installation. She has spent her year in... Read More »
  • Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Arts Residencies 2016

    Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Arts Residencies 2016

    The Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Arts Residencies 2016 was a 4-day regional meeting of arts residency representatives held on July 20 – 23 2016 at Rimbun Dahan outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The participants consisted of 20 representatives from... Read More »
  • Si Jie Loo

    Si Jie Loo

    Si Jie Loo is a multi-disciplinary artist who is interested in capturing the spirit of humanity, primarily with Chinese Ink. She graduated from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA with an honors in Studio Art and has since lived and worked... Read More »
  • Le Hoang Bich Phuong

    Le Hoang Bich Phuong

    Le Hoang Bich Phuong (b. 1984) is a visual artist based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her art is an outlet for expression and a means to deliver her concerns regarding sexuality and eccentricity. Recently, Phuong’s focus has shifted more toward... Read More »
  • Open Call: Year-Long Residency for Malaysian Visual Artists 2017

    Open Call: Year-Long Residency for Malaysian Visual Artists 2017

    Rimbun Dahan is now accepting applications for a year-long residency from January to December 2017 for visual artists from Malaysia. We have hosted year-long residencies from 1994 up to the end of 2013, and have seen Malaysian artists use their... Read More »
  • Grace Blake

    Grace Blake

    Grace Blake is a visual artist working between Canberra and Sydney. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts in printmaking and drawing with a Bachelor of Arts art history from ANU. Her fascination with the virtual landscape manifests... Read More »
  • Soraya Abidin

    Soraya Abidin

    Soraya Abidin (b. 1971) is a textile artist based in Sydney, Australia. The subjects and materials she uses to create her works are born of a love for the Primitive and Spiritual practices within her Malay cultural heritage. Soraya embroiders in... Read More »
  • Irwan Sofwan

    Irwan Sofwan

    Irwan Sofwan is a poet and writer from Indonesia. His biography is written below in his mother tongue with a rough translation appended after: Irwan lahir dan tinggal di Serang, Banten – Indonesia. Karya-karyanya terdapat dalam beberapa buku antologi puisi bersama,... Read More »
  • Doni Maulistya

    Doni Maulistya

    Doni Maulistya (b. 1987 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia) is an artist with an educational background in photography. He studied documentary photography through workshops such as Angkor Photography Workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia (2009) and Foundry Photo Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey (2010). He’s also made... Read More »
  • Thynn Lei Nwe

    Thynn Lei Nwe

    Thynn Lei Nwe (b. 1991) is an artist based in Yangon, Myanmar. She studied for a Diploma in Fine Arts specialized in Painting at the Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore from 2012 to 2014. She usually works with different... Read More »
  • Bumper Egg-Laying Season Calls for More Buying

    Bumper Egg-Laying Season Calls for More Buying

    The Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery needs donations to keep buying endangered marine turtle eggs to save them from being eaten. Our egg-buying budget has been exceeded by massive egg-laying this season. Please donate to help every egg become a turtle.... Read More »
  • Call for Applications: Rimbun Dahan Southeast Asian & Hotel Penaga Residencies 2017 Round 1

    Call for Applications: Rimbun Dahan Southeast Asian & Hotel Penaga Residencies 2017 Round 1

    Applications are now open for Rimbun Dahan’s Southeast Asian Residency and the Hotel Penaga Residency for 1 January to 30 June 2017! RIMBUN DAHAN SOUTHEAST ASIAN ARTS RESIDENCY We invite visual artists (of all disciplines), writers, arts managers, and researchers/curators... Read More »
  • Ibed Surgana Yuga

    Ibed Surgana Yuga

    Ibed Surgana Yuga was born in a traditional Balinese farming family, 14 August 1983. He has been living in Yogyakarta, Java since 2003 to complete his theatre direction study in the Theatre Department of the Indonesia Arts Institute of Yogyakarta. In... Read More »
  • Lucy Marinkovich

    Lucy Marinkovich

    Lucy Marinkovich is a Wellington (NZ) based professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, and the founder of multi-disciplinary performance collective the Borderline Arts Ensemble. Lucy choreographs regularly for Footnote New Zealand Dance Company and is a guest tutor at the New Zealand... Read More »
  • Pitchaya Ngamcharoen

    Pitchaya Ngamcharoen

    Pitchaya Ngamcharoen is Thai artist based in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. As an animal spirit, Pitchaya has always been drawn to her own species — non-human. Her artistic process usually involves animals and human participants to create a form of... Read More »
  • Goh Sze Ying

    Goh Sze Ying

    Goh Sze Ying (b. 1983) is a visual designer and researcher based in Kuala Lumpur. In the past decade, she has had many disparate roles in the areas of art, design, and urbanism. Her work is predominantly concerned with the... Read More »
  • Sarah Jane Parton

    Sarah Jane Parton

    Sarah Jane Parton (Omoka, Tongareva, Avaiki-raro) is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and curator who works across performance art, installation, moving image, drawing, photography, creative writing, and ephemera. She creates work that operates as social commentary, and consistently engages with the politics... Read More »
  • Bruce Pashak and Janet Langdon

    Bruce Pashak and Janet Langdon

    Bruce Pashak is a multidisciplinary unrealist artist who uses imagery, text and technology to create abstracted anti-narratives that both affirm culturally-encoded associations and break free of these limitations. The images become an experience, a slippery personal tour through existentialism where... Read More »
  • Daniel Bear Davis

    Daniel Bear Davis

    Daniel Bear Davis will give a site-specific dance workshop at Rimbun Dahan from 19-24 January 2016, combining movement training with compositional tools to create original choreographed and improvised performances in relation to site.... Read More »
  • Dancing in Place 2016

    Dancing in Place 2016

    16-17 January 2016, a fun and informal excursion for the whole family, Dancing in Place features 12 short dance works performed outdoors in the lush tropical garden at Rimbun Dahan.... Read More »
  • Ineza Roussille

    Ineza Roussille

    Ineza Roussille is an independent documentary filmmaker from Malaysia. She’s produced videos for local NGOs on various social issues. These include videos for Yayasan Chow Kit on street children, for the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG), a coalition of... Read More »
  • Priceless: Featuring works by 2015 resident artist Al-Khuzairie Ali

    Priceless: Featuring works by 2015 resident artist Al-Khuzairie Ali

    Rimbun Dahan presents Priceless, showcasing works made by ceramic artist Al-khuzairie Ali during his six-month residency from July to December 2015, where he explored the concept of human connection to the external world (an ongoing focus in his work) through... Read More »
  • Southeast Asian Choreolab 2016

    Southeast Asian Choreolab 2016

    Emerging contemporary dance choreographers from Southeast Asia are invited to apply for this international choreographic laboratory, facilitated by Japanese choreographer Akiko Kitamura, at Rimbun Dahan, from 28 May to 5 June 2016.... Read More »
  • Chan Aye & Phyu Mon

    Chan Aye & Phyu Mon

    Chan Aye (b. 1954) is a sculptor, installation artist, painter, and writer from Myanmar. He was self taught before going on to study traditional Myanmar painting between 1986 and 1989. He has developed a unique pictorial language that is inventive and... Read More »
  • Genus Neobalanocarpus

    Genus Neobalanocarpus

    A list of plant specimens in the garden at Rimbun Dahan in the genus Neobalanocarpus, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Genus Anisoptera

    Genus Anisoptera

    A list of plant specimens in the garden at Rimbun Dahan in the genus Anisoptera, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Genus Vatica

    Genus Vatica

    A list of plant specimens in the garden at Rimbun Dahan in the genus Vatica, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Genus Shorea

    Genus Shorea

    A list of plant specimens in the garden at Rimbun Dahan in the genus Shorea, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Genus Parashorea

    Genus Parashorea

    A list of specimens in the Rimbun Dahan garden from the genus Parashorea, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Genus Hopea

    Genus Hopea

    A list of plant specimens in the garden at Rimbun Dahan in the genus Hopea, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Genus Dryobalanops

    Genus Dryobalanops

    A list of plant specimens in the garden at Rimbun Dahan in the genus Dryobalanops, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Genus Dipterocarpus

    Genus Dipterocarpus

    A list of plant specimens in the garden at Rimbun Dahan in the genus Dipterocarpus, family Dipterocarpaceae.... Read More »
  • Azliza Ayob

    Azliza Ayob

    Azliza Ayob (b. 1975) is an artist who works in many mediums, such as painting, collage, and installation. Her most recent solo show was in 2014, titled All That Glitters, at Wei-Ling Contemporary in KL. She’s been working as an artist,... Read More »
  • Kanakan Balintagos

    Kanakan Balintagos

    Kanakan Balintagos (meaning ‘hunter of truth’), formerly known as Auraeus Solito, is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning Palawán-Filipino filmmaker and playwright. He comes from a lineage of Shaman-Kings from the Palawán tribe of South Palawan. He grew up in the city of Manila... Read More »
  • Golda Mowe

    Golda Mowe

    Golda Mowe is a fiction writer from Sarawak, author of Iban Dream, a book about Bujang, a young boy orphaned in the rainforest and brought up by a family of orangutans, but whose adult future has already been decided for him... Read More »
  • Martha Soemantri

    Martha Soemantri

    Martha Soemantri (b.1984, Berlin) is a trained art & cultural manager, researcher and writer. She has worked in managerial & curatorial capacity in art & cultural projects for years with invested interest in mutual heritage, material objects (cultural artefacts, textiles... Read More »
  • YEAH: solo exhibition by Azam Aris, officiated by Angela Hijjas

    YEAH: solo exhibition by Azam Aris, officiated by Angela Hijjas

    In 2012, Malaysian artist Azam Aris underwent a year-long residency at Rimbun Dahan, working both on paintings and three-dimensional work. On August 5 2015, his solo exhibition YEAH opened at HOM Art Trans and was officiated by Angela Hijjas.... Read More »
  • Anne Austin Pearce

    Anne Austin Pearce

    Anne Austin Pearce was born in Lawrence, Kansas and studied art at the Kansas City Art Institute, Brighton Polytechnic and the University of Kansas. In 1993, Pearce received a full scholarship to James Madison University, where she received her MFA in drawing and... Read More »
  • Al-khuzairie Ali

    Al-khuzairie Ali

    Al-khuzairie Ali (b. 1984) hails from the Malaysian state of Pahang and works with ceramics. He will be at Rimbun Dahan as a resident artist from July to December 2015. You can view some of his past works on his... Read More »
  • Kedsuda Loogthong

    Kedsuda Loogthong

    Kedsuda Loogthong (b. 1983, Songkhla, Thailand) graduated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Bangkok University, Thailand in 2006. Loogthong’s early works examine the urbanization of her rural landscape and society and how consumerism has affected the lives... Read More »
  • SEA Choreolab 2015

    SEA Choreolab 2015

    On Sunday 7 June 2015, the participants of the Southeast Asian Choreolab 2015 will share snippets of what they have learned during their 9-day training and networking session at Rimbun Dahan.... Read More »
  • Yeoh Choo Kuan

    Yeoh Choo Kuan

    Yeoh Choo Kuan  (b.  1988,  Malaysia)  is  a  young  artist  working  in  the  veins  of  Abstract  Expressionism though he installs narratives and hints of figuration to the formal language of  his  paintings.  He  graduated  from  Dasein  Academy  of  Art,  Kuala ... Read More »
  • Hasanul Isyraf Idris

    Hasanul Isyraf Idris

    Hasanul Isyraf Idris (b. 1978, Malaysia) was trained at Mara University of Technology, UiTM, in Perak. He has received a number of awards, including the Young Contemporary Arts Award in 2007 at the National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, the... Read More »
  • Ruth Taylor & Auke de Vries

    Ruth Taylor & Auke de Vries

    Animated Trip Ruth Taylor and Auke de Vries are professional animators from The Netherlands who both worked in the TV industry for a few years. After working commercially they wanted more time to spend on their personal artwork. So they... Read More »
  • Rose Thomas

    Rose Thomas

    Rose Thomas, founder and creative director of New Zealand label Nymphets uses costume, textile design and multi medium art in a fresh approach to fashion. Installation and performance art are central to exhibiting Rose’s work. Under the Nymphets brand, Rose has... Read More »
  • Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury

    Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury

    Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury is an emerging artist from London. Since the inception of her career her work has been exhibited across Europe and the US (London, Rome, New York, Los Angeles). The Artist was awarded The Rome Art Program Scholarship,... Read More »
  • Tran Dan

    Tran Dan

    Tran Dan studied architecture in university, but his artistic career is built on self-taught painting and sculpture. His primal medium is lacquer, which is widely represented and used in Vietnamese traditional and modern arts. Tran is keen to further develop... Read More »
  • Snake Tales

    Snake Tales

    Rimbun Dahan can be paradise for snakes... or the last thing a snake ever sees. This month, one lucky python found a new home, but things didn't turn out so well for a cobra.... Read More »
  • Chendor Resort Building Update

    Chendor Resort Building Update

    The construction of the new hotel at Sungai Chendor is underway, with staff quarters and one guest chalet already finished, and another guest chalet and landscaping walls currently being built.... Read More »
  • Bricolage: Rimbun Dahan Residency Exhibition 2015

    Bricolage: Rimbun Dahan Residency Exhibition 2015

    From 15 to 22 March 2015, the Underground Gallery at Rimbun Dahan presents a selection of works by our recent resident artists: Malaysian sculptor Anniketyni Madian, Australian artist Jennifer Tyers, Indonesian poet Khairani Barokka, Vietnamese painter and sculptor Tran Dan, and Thai painter Yuwatee Jehko.... Read More »
  • Nina Rupena

    Nina Rupena

    Nina Rupena is a Bosnian born project-based artist currently located in Melbourne. She works across mediums and practices using both visual art and design as tools for communicating ideas. Painting and drawing are her passion and she has a great... Read More »
  • Yuwatee Jehko

    Yuwatee Jehko

    Thai painter and educator Yuwatee Jehko is in residence at Rimbun Dahan for three months under the Southeast Asian Artists Residency program.... Read More »
  • Jennifer Tyers

    Jennifer Tyers

    Australian visual artist Jennifer Tyers has been resident at Rimbun Dahan for three months, painting the grounds with a particular interest in the various plants and trees.... Read More »
  • Joanna Gambotto

    Joanna Gambotto

    On 30 January 2015, Australian painter Joanna Gambotto will share her works from her 3-month residency at Hotel Penaga in George Town, Penang.... Read More »
  • Introducing Syar, New Arts Manager at Rimbun Dahan

    Introducing Syar, New Arts Manager at Rimbun Dahan

    Rimbun Dahan has recently hired Syar to be our new arts manager, working part time to provide support for our resident artists, document our visual arts collection, and organise more programs and events. Welcome, Syar!... Read More »
  • Dancing in Place 2015

    Dancing in Place 2015

    Featuring 13 works of site-specific dance, including some visiting artists from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and USA, from 31 January to 1 February 2015.... Read More »
  • Khairani Barokka

    Khairani Barokka

    Indonesian writer, poet and indisciplinary artist Khairan Barokka is in residence at Rimbun Dahan for six months, working on writing projects as well as using text in mixed media works.... Read More »
  • First Turtle Hatchery Season at Chendor

    First Turtle Hatchery Season at Chendor

    During the egg-laying season for endangered Green Turtles from April to September this year, 5880 eggs have been incubated at our new hatchery at Sungai Chendor.... Read More »
  • Melissa Lin

    Melissa Lin

    Malaysian artist and astrologer Melissa Lin was in residence at Rimbun Dahan in 2014, where her work ventured into new degrees of scale.... Read More »
  • Dipterocarp Nursery

    Dipterocarp Nursery

    We are currently propagating dipterocarp seedlings to be planted at the Sg Chendor resort on the East Coast.... Read More »
  • Adelaide University Alumni Award for Hijjas

    Adelaide University Alumni Award for Hijjas

    Hijjas Kasturi has been honoured with an Alumni Fellow Award from the University of Adelaide, presented on 10 September 2014.... Read More »
  • Anniketyni Madian

    Anniketyni Madian

    Sarawakian artist Anniketyni Madian spent 6 months at Rimbun Dahan in 2014, continuing a sculptural journey with intricate wooden works inspired by Pua Kumbu textiles.... Read More »
  • Melissa Lin

    Melissa Lin

    Melissa Lin was a resident artist at Rimbun Dahan in 2014. For Melissa, an artist and astrologer who loves how both disciplines the mystery and richness of life, the gift of time and of spaciousness at Rimbun Dahan opened up new possibilities for her drawing and painting practice.... Read More »
  • Helen Dalton

    Helen Dalton

    Irish painter Helen Dalton was in residence at Rimbun Dahan in July 2014.... Read More »
  • Caitlin Mackenzie & Gabriel Comerford

    Caitlin Mackenzie & Gabriel Comerford

    Queensland-based dancer-choreographers Caitlin Mackenzie and Gabriel Comerford spent an Asialink residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2013, developing and performing the duet work 'Uncommon Ground'.... Read More »
  • Monocled Cobra Killed by Dogs

    Monocled Cobra Killed by Dogs

    The Rimbun Dahan dogs cornered and killed a small Monocled Cobra, Naja naja kaouthia.... Read More »
  • Carlo Gernale

    Carlo Gernale

    Carlo Gernale is a Filipino visual artist based in Southern Tagalog, Philippines was residence in Rimbun Dahan in 2013.... Read More »
  • The BOW Project

    The BOW Project

    In July 2013, Ng Mei-Yin and Cathy Seago conducted a version of their ongoing performance work, the BOW Project, at Rimbun Dahan.... Read More »
  • Sabri Idrus

    Sabri Idrus

    Sabri Idrus was the Malaysian Artist for the Malaysia-Australia Visual Arts Residency 2013. For his body of work 'Disruptive Nature' exhibited at Rimbun Dahan, Sabri scanned and studied trunks and twigs to understand the basic properties of these elements of nature.... Read More »
  • Lisa Anderson

    Lisa Anderson

    Dr Lisa Anderson works across a broad range of media creating images, films and prints, and spent three months at Rimbun Dahan in 2013.... Read More »
  • Laurence Wood

    Laurence Wood

    Laurence Wood, an artist, curator and visiting academic from the UK who was working in Hong Kong, was a visual arts resident in 2013.... Read More »
  • Julie Ryder

    Julie Ryder

    Julie Ryder is a textile designer and artist who lives and works in Canberra. She was an Asialink resident artist in 2013.... Read More »
  • Stephen Shropshire

    Stephen Shropshire

    American choreographer spent a month in residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2013, developing a new duet with French dancers Aimee Lagrange and Martin Harriague.... Read More »
  • Le Thua Tien

    Le Thua Tien

    Vietnamese artist Le Thua Tien created a series of selected haiku poems, engraved onto granite slabs, arranged along the walking paths of Rimbun Dahan's garden, during his residency in February 2013.... Read More »
  • Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro

    Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro

    Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro were the Australian artists in the 12-month Malaysia-Australia Visual Arts Residency in 2013. Their work at Rimbun Dahan involved life-sized animals rendered in Lego bricks and intersected with IKEA furniture.... Read More »
  • One-Day Butoh Workshop by Yukio Waguri

    One-Day Butoh Workshop by Yukio Waguri

    This one-day workshop introduced Butoh Fu or Butoh Notation, based on the Hijikata method created by Tatsumi Hijikata, one of the founders of Butoh and is taught by butoh master Yukio Waguri.... Read More »
  • Mic Guillaumes & Anne-Laure Poulain

    Mic Guillaumes & Anne-Laure Poulain

    In 2012, French choreographer and performer Mic Guillaumes undertook a short residency with opera singer Anne-Laure Poulain, preparing for a performance at the Melaka Art+Performance Festival.... Read More »
  • Work It!

    Work It!

    Work It! was a project bringing together female performing artists from Asia and Europe whose work revolves around the gendered depiction of the body on stage.... Read More »
  • Contemporary Mask Workshop by Agung Gunawan

    Contemporary Mask Workshop by Agung Gunawan

    On Saturday 26 May 2012, MyDance Alliance in collaboration with Nyoba Kan presented a workshop at Rimbun Dahan by visiting Indonesian dancer and choreographer Agung Gunawan.... Read More »
  • Lina Limosani

    Lina Limosani

    Australian dancer and choreographer Lina Limosani undertook an Asialink residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2008, developing and presenting the full-length contemporary dance work A Delicate Situation. Sher returned in 2012 for a short redevelopment of the work.... Read More »
  • Ashly Nandong

    Ashly Nandong

    Multi talent artist, Ashly Nandong, graduated in Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, was residence at Rimbun Dahan for three months in 2012, working on his creative aspirations in response to his current ‘spiritual’ situation pieces.... Read More »
  • Rebecca Stevens

    Rebecca Stevens

    Rebecca Stevens undertook a three month residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2012, in association with Asialink. Bec is a Hobart-based visual artist whose work is underpinned by studies in Architecture and Horticulture.... Read More »
  • Jonathan Nichols

    Jonathan Nichols

    Jonathon Nichols was the Australian Artist for the Malaysia-Australia Visual Artists' Residency 2012. A Melbourne-based painter, he also works as a curator and writer.... Read More »
  • Helmi Azam B. Tajol Aris @ Azam Aris

    Helmi Azam B. Tajol Aris @ Azam Aris

    Azam Tajol Aris was Rimbun Dahan’s Malaysian year-long artist-in-residence in 2012, working on three-dimensional form artwork.... Read More »
  • T.H.E. Dance Company

    T.H.E. Dance Company

    T.H.E. Dance Company from Singapore enjoyed a short residency at Rimbun Dahan in January 2012, rehearsing new works for premieres.... Read More »
  • Riki von Falken

    Riki von Falken

    From 9 to 10 December 2011, German choreographer Riki von Falken and the Dance Programme at Rimbun Dahan presented a new dance work entitled "Echo II", performed by eight Malaysian dancers.... Read More »
  • Zedeck Siew

    Zedeck Siew

    In 2011, Malaysian writer Zedeck Siew spent three months in residence at Rimbun Dahan.... Read More »
  • Dancing to Connect

    Dancing to Connect

    Dancers from Battery Dance Company, New York, worked at Rimbun Dahan with students from the Harvest School and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Batu Arang for a showcase performance.... Read More »
  • Melanie Fulton

    Melanie Fulton

    Melanie Fulton was in residence at Hotel Penaga in Georgetown, Penang, from September to November 2011, in a joint residency with her partner John Foubister. Some of the work which Melanie created during her residency was exhibited in the joint exhibition 'Cultivating the Garden'.... Read More »
  • Opening of APIDC 2011

    Opening of APIDC 2011

    Rimbun Dahan hosted the participants of the Asia-Pacific International Dance Conference 2011 for a welcome dinner in the Underground Gallery on 21 September 2011, with performances from the KESUMA Ensemble of University of Malaya.... Read More »
  • Rob McHaffie

    Rob McHaffie

    Australian artist Rob McHaffie undertook a 3-month Asialink residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2011. Each day at Rimbun Dahan he made a drawing responding to a verse in the Tao te Ching, Lao Tsu's book of wisdom.... Read More »
  • Rob Gutteridge

    Rob Gutteridge

    Rob Gutteridge was the Australian Artist for the Malaysia-Australia Visual Arts Residency 2011. In addition to pursuing his own practice, he spent some time during his residency conducting figure drawing classes for interested staff members at Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn.... Read More »
  • Dance Film ‘I Want to Remember’

    Dance Film ‘I Want to Remember’

    Singaporean director Sherman Ong shot some of the material for his short dance film, I Want to Remember, at Rimbun Dahan in April 2011.... Read More »
  • Haslin bin Ismail

    Haslin bin Ismail

    Haslin Ismail was the Malaysia-Australia Visual Arts Residency 2011 at Rimbun Dahan, working on both the science fiction and fantasy world that dominate the atmosphere of artworks that present a wide range of routes and exciting explorations.... Read More »
  • Natalie Kim Kyungmi

    Natalie Kim Kyungmi

    Korean artist Natalie Kim Kyungmi performed in Dancing in Place in August 2010, followed by a brief mentorship at Rimbun Dahan with Japanese-Australian butoh dancer Yumi Umiumare and an appearance at the Melaka Art & Performance (MAP) Festival in November 2010.... Read More »
  • Daniel Jaber

    Daniel Jaber

    Australian choreographer Daniel Jaber undertook an Asialink residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2010, and created the works WG-Spiel and Poetic Structure.... Read More »
  • Family Violaceae

    Family Violaceae

    Rinorea horneri Malesia, exc. Java & Lesser Sundas, shrub to 3m with radially symmetrical flowers in sessile or shortly stalked clusters. Common throughout Malaya, lowland primary forest below 300m., sometimes on limestone & freshwater swamps.... Read More »
  • Family Verbenaceae

    Family Verbenaceae

    Peronema canescens sungkai Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Borneo. Common in secondary forest and near rivers and clearings in primary forest. Small tree. Compound leaves increase in size from basal pair upwards, leaflets sessile, young leaves rich purple. Premna foetida buas buas... Read More »
  • Family Thymelaeaceae

    Family Thymelaeaceae

    Aquilaria malaccensis gaharu India to Philippines. Throughout Malaya, exc. Perlis and Kedah (extinct on Langkawi). Lowlands to 750m. Common, but scattered. Leaves elliptic oblong, suddenly narrowing to long pronounced tip. Wood sometimes produces gaharu, a resinous heartwood, very valuable, making... Read More »
  • Family Theaceae

    Family Theaceae

    Gordonia penangensis Ridley  samak? Penang to Singapore, endemic. In open lowland forest. Small tree to 13m, leaves elliptic lanceolate, margin serrulate or entire. Flowers subsessile, yellowish, silky. 2 specimens June 2008. Ploiarium alternifolium reriang Few spp confined to Malesia &... Read More »
  • Taman Sari Plants

    Taman Sari Plants

    The herb garden, or Taman Sari, at Rimbun Dahan contains over 100 species of plants, many of them with traditional medicinal properties in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The Latin names, family names, common names and brief descriptions of some of... Read More »
  • Family Styracaceae

    Family Styracaceae

    Styrax benzoinkemenyan, kemian Sumatra, Java, Malaya; all states except north. Tree to 30m, leaves glaucous under because of microscopic hairs; inflorescence raceme/panicle, fruit matures as depressed globose 2-4cm. Resin yields benzoin or Gum Benjamin, used medically & for incense. 1... Read More »
  • Family Sterculiaceae

    Family Sterculiaceae

    Firmiana malayana mata lembu Only one species in Malaya, recognized by membranous fruit dispersed with seeds attached while Sterculia fruits and seeds are dispersed separately. Deciduous after dry, then orange flowers (Corner’s cover) quickly followed by fruit. Heritiera javanica mengkulang... Read More »
  • Family Simaroubaceae

    Family Simaroubaceae

    Ailanthus triphysa Tropical and sub tropical. From Turkestan to NSW. 2 spp in Malaya, both rare. Tall dioecious trees. Resin used for incense & for medicine, Bark and leaves for tonic after child birth, and used as febrifuge. This sp... Read More »
  • Family Sapotaceae

    Family Sapotaceae

    Palaquium gutta taban merah Lg. genus of 115 spp. in SEAsia, about 22 spp. in Malaya. Sumatra, Java, Borneo, all states but Perlis, Kedah, Trengg. Med. tree to 25 m., scattered in lowland forest, sometimes planted for gutta percha, tapped... Read More »
  • Family Sapindaceae

    Family Sapindaceae

    Lepisanthes alata Java, Borneo, Philippines. Small trees, twigs glabrous, rachis distinctly winged (Lat. alata). Mainly cultivated in villages on east coast. Lepisanthes rubiginosa kelat layu, mertajam Small white fragrant flowers, fruit ripening from yellow, red, purple, to black. Common in... Read More »
  • Family Salicaceae

    Family Salicaceae

    Flacourtia rukam Previously family Flacourtiaceae rukam Difficult family to define because of minute variations in flower structure. Scattered throughout Malaya in rain forest, occasionally cultivated. Fruits edible, made more palatable by rubbing between the hands, but best cooked.... Read More »
  • Family Rutaceae

    Family Rutaceae

    Atalantia monophylla merlimau, limau hantu India, Burma, Siam, Malaya. Common on rocky and sandy coasts from Penang northward and all east coast. Thorns and notched leaf tip distinguish it from Suregada sp. In habit looks much like Citrus, leaves standing... Read More »
  • Family Rubiaceae

    Family Rubiaceae

    Aidia wallichiana menterbang Malaya, Andamans, Sumatra, Borneo. Througout Malaya, lowland to mountain forest, also on limestone. Showy fragrant inflorescence. Two planted on corners of plaza 07. Anthocephalus chinensis kelempayan, kelampai Deciduous monopodial to 30m, stiff outstanding limbs, drooping at ends.... Read More »
  • Family Chrysobalanaceae

    Family Chrysobalanaceae

    Parastemon urophyllus nyalas, kelat putih  Shrub or tree to 33m. Two spp in Malesia, one in New Guinea and Moluku, this in Malaya, Sumatra & Borneo. Lowlands, river bank, peat swamp. Small fruits 1cm, ripen pink. 1 fr TH 11.09.... Read More »
  • Family Rhizophoraceae

    Family Rhizophoraceae

    Carallia brachiata meransi Pale flowers in stalked clusters, fruit pink to red, pulpy. Tree to 25m., commonly called false kelat. Hard heavy wood, horizontal branches, twigs solid prominently swollen at nodes. Leaf midrib sunken above, secondary nerves joined near margins... Read More »
  • Family Putranjivaceae

    Family Putranjivaceae

    Drypetes pendula (previously family Euphorbiaceae) lidah lidah Lat. hanging, leafy branches. Common in Malaya, low undulating land. Monopodial tree to 20m, 1m girth, deep dark pyramidal crown, leafy branches drooping, sinuous. Leaves lying flat, spirally attached, young in purple red... Read More »
  • Family Polygalaceae

    Family Polygalaceae

    Xanthophyllum sp. minyak berok Genus of about 60 spp., from India to Solomon Islands; W. Malesia development epicentre for genus. 21spp. in Malaya, inland in primary forest, fairly common in understorey. Flowers infrequently, possibly triggered by dry periods.... Read More »
  • Family Podocarpaceae

    Family Podocarpaceae

    Dacrycarpus imbricatus podo cucur atap Indo-China, Thailand, Malesia; mountain forests (2,500-6,000ft). Kedah, Pahang, Perak, Selangor. Crown conical or cylindrical, leaves 2 forms awl-shaped or linear blade) Seed globose, back ribbed, and slightly beaked. 2 new specimens June 2008. Podocarpus neriifolius... Read More »
  • Family Phyllanthaceae

    Family Phyllanthaceae

    Antidesma coriaceum mempunai, kayu mata punai Genus of distinctive shrubs and small trees, common all over Malaya, name refers to use in India as anti-snake venom. In Malaya 27 spp of 170, most in Asia. This sp. common, fruit a... Read More »
  • Yumi Umiumare

    Yumi Umiumare

    Australian-based Japanese choreographer/performer Yumi Umiumare undertook a short residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2010, working with and mentoring performer Natalie Kim Kyungmi.... Read More »
  • Family Oxalidaceae

    Family Oxalidaceae

    Averrhoa bilimbi belimbing buluhMoluku? Widely cultivated throughout SE Asia. Edible sour fruit, eaten raw as ulam, & in curries to give sour taste. Leaf infusion treats cough, & as tonic after childbirth; flower infusion for cough and thrush. Leaves treat venereal and rectal... Read More »
  • Family Olacaceae

    Family Olacaceae

    Ochanostachys amentacea petaling Nicobars, Andamans, Sumatra, Malaya, Banka, Lingga, Borneo, one sp. Common except in north. To 30m, bole poorly formed, fluted. Flower spikes simple or branched, like a catkin (amentacea). Fruit oval green, 2 cm across. Scorodocarpus borneensis kulim... Read More »
  • Family Myrtaceae

    Family Myrtaceae

    Melaleuca cajuputi gelam, kayu putih Tenasserim to Maluku. Tall tree with narrow crown, often twisted trunk. White bark, fissured and papery-flaky in elongated shaggy pieces, used for caulking. Young leaves silky. Common in coastal swamp. Medicinal oil from leaves.   Rhodomyrtus tomentosa kemunting... Read More »
  • Family Myristicaceae

    Family Myristicaceae

    Horsfieldia superba (or Harmsiopanax sp.) MYRISTICACEAE (or now ARALIACEAE) cabbage leaf nutmeg Medium to big tree, up to 100 ft., young twigs and leaves rusty wooly. Not infrequent throughout Malaya in lowland forest. Horsfieldia sucosa samak pulut, penarahan gajah Tree... Read More »