Stephen Eastaugh

Stephen Eastaugh is a mixed media visual artist with severe wanderlust as over the past few decades, he has traveled to over ninety countries scattered across all continents. While on the road he has managed to present over one hundred solo exhibitions in a wide range of venues. Studios have been set up on a Russian icebreaker at the North Pole, in a science building one winter in Antarctica, and many places in-between. On three occasions the artist has been awarded the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship along with numerous art residencies, awards and grants. Travel is the artist’s muse as over the past thirty years, rarely has Eastaugh stayed longer than four months in any single location. It is interesting to see all his work as strange maps or landscapes where he attempts to both locate and lose himself simultaneously.

His work is primarily landscape derived, either representational, symbolic or connected to experiences and objects picked up while on the road. There is a strong textural element which ranges from damaged paper to thick paint and currently, embroidery is utilized. In mid 2017 Eastaugh will plant himself at Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia to explore new work in a new longitude and latitude.

Eastaugh’s work can be found in the National Gallery of Australia, state galleries across Australia, the Nevada Museum of Art, USA and private collections worldwide. In 2017 the artist will be exhibiting in Melbourne, Sydney and Amsterdam as well as working in temporary studios in Argentina, Norway and elsewhere.

You can find more of his work on his website.