Rimbun Dahan is the home of architect Hijjas Kasturi and his wife Angela. Set on fourteen acres outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the compound of Rimbun Dahan is a centre for developing traditional and contemporary art forms.


Rimbun Dahan hosts a range of artists’ residencies to encourage visual artists, choreographers and other creative individuals to explore and develop their artistic work.

Venue Rental

Various venues at Rimbun Dahan, including our heritage houses, are available for short-term rental for weddings, television commercial or film shoots, and other private/corporate events. Please contact Residency Manager Syar S. Alia to organise a recce visit, and to discuss date availability and prices.


  • Jessica Niles DeHoff

    Jessica Niles DeHoff

    Jessica Niles DeHoff (born 1978, California) is a visual artist and writer living in Beijing, China.  Drawing from her earlier career in architecture and urban planning, her work dramatizes interactions between individuals and their social, cultural, and spatial environments.  Jessica... Read more »
  • Australian Choreographer Invites Collaborators

    Australian Choreographer Invites Collaborators

    Want to explore the process of creating cross-cultural dance? Australian choreographer Annalouise Paul is looking for collaborators for her residency at Rimbun Dahan in August 2019!... Read more »
  • Natalie Labriola

    Natalie Labriola

    Natalie Labriola is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Los Angeles who will be joining us in May as our Open Residency Artist. An MFA Bard Graduate from Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Natalie’s work is rooted in sculpture but includes... Read more »
  • Panagiotis Spiliotis

    Panagiotis Spiliotis

    Panagiotis Spiliotis (b.1991) is a Greek and Irish trained botanist and plant ecologist based in his hometown of Brussels. After graduating from his Master’s degree in plant taxonomy from the University of Edinburgh in 2015, took some time away from... Read more »
  • Charis Loke

    Charis Loke

    Charis Loke (b.1991) is a Malaysian illustrator and educator from Penang that will be joining us for April and May. Drawing upon literature and visual culture, she makes pictures that evoke wonder and curiosity, depicting fictional worlds and current issues... Read more »
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