Rimbun Dahan is the home of architect Hijjas Kasturi and his wife Angela. Set on fourteen acres outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the compound of Rimbun Dahan is a centre for developing traditional and contemporary art forms.


Rimbun Dahan hosts a range of artists’ residencies to encourage visual artists, choreographers and other creative individuals to explore and develop their artistic work.

Venue Rental

Various venues at Rimbun Dahan, including our heritage houses, are available for short-term rental for weddings, television commercial or film shoots, and other private/corporate events. Please contact Residency Manager Syar S. Alia to organise a recce visit, and to discuss date availability and prices.


  • Ross Liew

    Ross Liew

    Ross Liew (b. 1978) is the receiver of an Asia New Zealand Foundation grant and will be staying in Rimbun Dahan for three months from mid-April to mid-July. I am a New zealander of Chinese and European ancestry. My grandfather’s story provides the... Read more »
  • Hwa Wei-An

    Hwa Wei-An

    Wei-An started dancing because he thought it was cool. He enjoyed watching the dancers in music videos that played on loop in the mornings on ntv7, back when he was supposed to be doing his homework. And so he copied... Read more »
  • Sasi Victoire

    Sasi Victoire

    Sasi Victoire arrived in Australia in 1970, to further her education. Little did she know that this period of her life would develop her personal choices away from safe, familiar paths and direct her to an exciting path through visual art. She... Read more »
  • Ruby Subramaniam

    Ruby Subramaniam

    Ruby Subramaniam (b. 1989) is a self-taught Malaysian visual artist. In 2014, she quit her award-winning career in digital marketing to pursue her passion in arts.  Her experience in corporate communications now allows her to utilize digital marketing and social... Read more »
  • Introducing Xeem, Rimbun Dahan’s New Arts Manager

    Introducing Xeem, Rimbun Dahan’s New Arts Manager

    Greetings! My name is Xeem Noor and I’ll be the new Arts Manager in Rimbun Dahan. I’m a writer, ethnographer, researcher, artist and designer with degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts and currently pursuing my PhD in Anthropology in the... Read more »
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