Rimbun Dahan is the home of architect Hijjas Kasturi and his wife Angela. Set on fourteen acres outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the compound of Rimbun Dahan is a centre for developing traditional and contemporary art forms.

Sabri Idrus. 'Canggai.' 2014. Wood, metal, copper & charcoal. 200 cm (diameter).


Rimbun Dahan hosts a range of artists’ residencies to encourage visual artists, choreographers and other creative individuals to explore and develop their artistic work.


Other Sites

Rimbun Dahan is affiliated with Hotel Penaga, a boutique heritage-arts hotel in George Town, Penang, which has its own artists’ residency. Other residencies in Horsham, Victoria, Australia, and Sungai Cendor, Pahang, are in development.


  • Daniel Bear Davis

    Daniel Bear Davis

    Daniel Bear Davis will give a site-specific dance workshop at Rimbun Dahan from 19-24 January 2016, combining movement training with compositional tools to create original choreographed and improvised performances in relation to site. Read More »
  • Dancing in Place

    Dancing in Place

    16-17 January 2016, a fun and informal excursion for the whole family, Dancing in Place features 12 short dance works performed outdoors in the lush tropical garden at Rimbun Dahan. Read More »
  • Ineza Roussille

    Ineza Roussille

    Ineza Roussille is an independent documentary filmmaker from Malaysia. She’s produced videos for local NGOs on various social issues. These include videos for Yayasan Chow Kit on street children, for the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG), a coalition of Read More »
  • Priceless: Featuring works by 2015 resident artist Al-Khuzairie Ali

    Priceless: Featuring works by 2015 resident artist Al-Khuzairie Ali

    Rimbun Dahan presents Priceless, showcasing works made by ceramic artist Al-khuzairie Ali during his six-month residency from July to December 2015, where he explored the concept of human connection to the external world (an ongoing focus in his work) through Read More »
  • Southeast Asian Choreolab 2016

    Southeast Asian Choreolab 2016

    Emerging contemporary dance choreographers from Southeast Asia are invited to apply for this international choreographic laboratory, facilitated by Japanese choreographer Akiko Kitamura, at Rimbun Dahan, from 28 May to 5 June 2016. Read More »